Excelsior Wedding Film | Laura + Regi | Lancaster PA


When Regi started reciting his vows to Laura, a couple of their friends couldn't hear him quite loud enough, so they proceeded to 'heckle' him just a little about 'speaking up.' Regi may have become just a little bit flustered by it but then he turned to the audience and shouted 'I LOVE HER!' As if that really was the only important thing they needed to hear.  It was a great example of their relationship and the way they love doing EVERYTHING together. He really is head over heels for his bride and he showed it in so many ways.

These two had a gorgeous day with perfect weather and their ceremony on the Terrace at the Excelsior was full of heartfelt emotion!

Congratulations Laura & Regi!

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Cinematography: Cinema Four40

Photography: Jeremy Bischoff Photography

Entertainment and PhotoBooth: Freez Entertainment

Venue: Excelsior

Cake: Rosie's Creative Cakes

Catering: Jimmy Duffy Catering

Flowers: Splints and Daisies