Father's Day | Lancaster PA Wedding Films


One of our favorite aspects of working with so many couples on their wedding day is getting to observe great Father-Daughter relationships. You can see it so many times, when he sees his little girl in her wedding gown, the memories and emotions that sweep over him. He remembers when she was two years old and asking every question a two year old asks. He remembers when she turned 16 and began driving the car and the amount of independence that brought her. He remembers being there for her and caring for her in ways only a dad can.

Today we are posting a Father of the Bride speech in honor of Father's Day. This is Jessica's dad at her and Mark's wedding reception at the Inn at Leola. When we filmed this we immediately knew we wanted to show this speech in full someday! Mr. Impellizeri's speech was well written, and even more well delivered! Enjoy!