The Bay House


It's been several weeks since we've posted a new blog, we've been busy with mostly off season business stuff and getting ready for our second child to arrive in a month or so! Meanwhile we wanted to post a little personal project we had fun with while our family was at the Bay House in MD for our family Christmas. We got out the new iPhone 6 Plus and wanted to have some fun with it and see what it's video capabilities really were. To sum it up we were really impressed! It obviously has it's limits, but it was fun using such a simple tool with surprisingly impressive results! It was a frigidly cold weekend, but as you'll see, that didn't keep us from our yearly tradition of jumping in the cold bay water. And in all of the slow motion quality activities shown, only one family member was taken to the emergency room!:) Boats, canoes, lots of games, a fireplace, and watching all the nieces and nephews having a blast was so much fun! Everything that isn't aerial or time-lapse, was filmed using only the iPhone 6 Plus.

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