Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How many Weddings do you book a year?

A: To ensure that we can keep the highest quality for each of our clients, we only accept about 20 weddings a year.

Q:Do You Travel?

A:Yes, we travel to wherever you’re getting married, based upon your budget and availability.

Q:What does the booking process look like?

A: You tell us you would like to reserve your date with us. We send you an electronic Contract and you sign it online. We send you an invoice for the $950 deposit and you can either pay it online, or send us a check via USPS. The combination of these two things seals it!

Q:I love the way you highlight every couple’s vows in their film, as well as the audio from speeches and events.

A: Uh, first of all, that’s not a question. But we’re glad you noticed! We love telling the story of YOU, and that usually looks like using all the great audio we capture from your day, rather than simply editing a music video track!

Q:Who picks the music for my film?

A: We do. Every wedding is different and as we’re getting to know you and your story, as well as the footage from your day, we are better able to know what music from our professional library will work the best.

Q:How long do i have to wait until after my wedding for our film?

A: We work pretty hard to keep this as short a period as possible, and typically it’s a month or less, though contractually we guarantee it to be under 4 months.